Hope O'Connor

Hope is an up and coming makeup artist from Brisbane, Australia. The daughter of a portrait artist, from an early age Hope exhibited exceptional fine art skills. As she matured she discovered makeup, and her passion in life. Swapping the paint brush for eyeshadow, Hope graduated school with high marks but knew her heart wasn't in academic pursuits. 

Hope is known for her exceptional beauty skills. She always seeks to enhance her models beauty, not cover it up. Having trained under some of the best in the world, she has advanced technical skills for her age. She understands the importance of light, colour, skin texture and product formulations and can manipulate them to create the best possible work. 

Hope has scoured the globe to find the best quality makeup for her kit. She uses a combination of high quality professional grade makeup, boutique and high end international brands. All products are chosen for their performance and formulations. These include: Viseart, Tom Ford, Hourglass, Ellis Faas, Nars, Too Faced and many more. Hope will happily cater for any ingredient sensitivities or allergies.