Hope O'Connor

Makeup artist Hope O'Connor is recognized in the beauty and fashion industry for having the ability to create a range of exceptional and diverse looks, from bold and graphic to glowing and natural makeup.

Hope splits her time between Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. She began her career assisting respected makeup artists such as Mia Connor, Dale Dorning, Gemma Elaine and Erin Bigg, which offered her a diverse and solid foundation in the world of editorial and commercial artistry.  
Hope is recognized in the industry for her ability to highlight a woman’s natural beauty with clean, glowing and beautiful skin. Her expertise, professionalism and magnetic personality contribute to her exceptionally loyal client base.

As an artist, Hope is constantly searching for new inspiration – her influences range from traveling, fashion, music, and health. Eternally excited and ready for new challenges, Hope brings a warmth and vitality to every assignment, and enhances each of her clients with her playful and optimistic sense of beauty.