Always learning.

I recently traveled to Melbourne to train under Kevin James Bennett. Now Kevin has been doing makeup longer than I've been alive. He has watched the industry transform with the introduction of HD technology, and social media, and even more impressively, he's been able to continuously adapt his career to stay on top of the game.  He's most commonly known for creating the In My Kit, facebook page, which inspired and allowed me to start my journey as a Makeup Artist. He isn't just a social media mogul, however, he has an resume which would turn most makeup artists green with envy. 

Obviously,  when I heard Kevin was coming to Australia to teach, I saved all the money I could and booked myself in. Airfares to melbourne were a small price to pay for the chance to learn from one of the best in the world. And learn I did, Kevin's class was unlike anything I'd learnt before. We started at the very beginning, learning about cosmetic ingredients and formulations. It may seem simple, and many artists don't bother to know what's inside the products in their kit, but knowing ingredients has allowed me to manipulate products in ways I wouldn't have thought possible, as well as prevent allergic reactions from occurring.


We also tackled the elusive concept of colour theory, which is rarely taught well in Australia. Under Kevin's guidance I managed to conceal the deepest blue, yellow under eye circles, something that I've always struggled with. He demonstrated get flawless results, using highly pigmented makeup (which in the wrong hands leads to drag queen- esque results). 

At the end of the two day workshop, we had the opportunity to compound our newfound knowledge on a photoshoot with Courtney Dailey. I chose to shoot with Steph D of Brazen models. Steph is best known for her fierce bitch face, but her versatility astounded me. I gained more than I ever thought possible from the workshop, and I strongly encourage other artists to take the plunge and invest in this level of education.