REVIEW: Viseart 08 Bright Editorial

Viseart shadows are world renowned for their pigmentation, blendability and creaminess, and this palette is no exception. Containing eleven neon bright eyeshadows, and a matte white, this palette is perfect for Makeup Artists and consumers alike. 

Pigmentation: 9/10

These shadows are extremely pigmented. My swatches below don't do these shadows justice. There is no need to build up colours with these shadows, one swipe and you have a rich shade. These shades also mix with each other very well, which is something that is unique to viseart shadows. So, if you want to create a pastel pink shade, simply layer the pink on top of the white, and you have a perfect pastel pink. 

Texture: 10/10

These shadows are incredibly creamy and blendable. This makes them very easy to use. If you accidentally apply too much colour, it is very easy to blend it back. They have a very, very subtle satin sheen, which I think contributes to the amazing blendability of these products. Because of the extreme creaminess, you do get quite a bit of fallout. Resist the urge to stick your oily fingers in the shadows to swatch them, as our natural skin oils can degrade the formula over time. Definately one to apply with a brush.

Packaging: 10/10

08 Bright Editorial has trademark Viseart packaging. As a makeup artist, this packaging is perfect. I can easily stack my palettes on top of each other, and the small size means they fit easily in my kit. Viseart shadows are extremely delicate, but the packaging protects them well and prevents breakage.


swatch 2.jpg