Golden globes 2016: Best hair and makeup looks

Olivia Wilde

Red and burgundy smokey eyes can be a risky move, but Olivia Wilde nailed it!

Laverne Cox

Dark berry lips provide a stark contrast against Laverne's stunning white dress, combining perfectly with the soft eyes and curls.

Jennifer Lopez

Whoever created this look for Jennifer is an absolute genius. Perfection.

Katy Perry

katy perry.jpg

Stunning kitten flicked liner and her incredible beehive make this an unforgettable look, for all the right reasons!

Channing Tatum

He could wear a potato sack and nail it.

Kate Bosworth

Angelic. Ethereal. Everything good in the world. Heavy makeup has its place, but it can never replace looks like this.

Amber Heard


Jaw droppingly beautiful. Deep red lips, shimmery champagne eyeshadow and a faux bob.  Soft and striking at the same time.