Brands to watch in 2016.

Makeup artist Sheri Vegas created and launched this brush range late in 2016. I was lucky enough to attend the launch party, and see for myself the incredible quality of these brushes. Sheri has spent the last few years sourcing the best possible materials, with a focus on quality, durability and sustainability. 

Makeup Weapons brushes are 100% cruelty-free brushes made from high quality and durable synthetic hairs, a copper ferrule and a sustainably grown bamboo handle. The quality of our brushes will provide you will an incredible application every time. The hair of our brushes are made from a nylon and taklon blend, which does not contain allergens and is considered a ‘green’ product.

In 2015 Ellis Faas launched the Glow Up powder highlighters (the best powder highlighter I've ever used). This brand is known for product innovation, beautiful slick packaging and pigmented long lasting formulas. I'm constantly surprised by how little attention this brand gets in Australia, it's vastly underrated.

Becca Cosmetics

The highlighting trend (or strobing if you like to reinvent the wheel) is only going to get bigger this year, and Becca is going to become huge. In 2015 they expanded their range of skin perfectors by collaborating with famed youtuber, Jaclyn Hill. A controversial move that definitely payed off, propelling Becca into the mainstream. This clever marketing combined with the amazing product and colour range will serve them well this year. Watch this space.